A Pale Horse Named Death


A Pale Horse Named Death is Sal Abruscato's band. No, not the onetime drummer from Type O Negative's new group. No, not the drummer of Life of Agony's project, either. Those would be too limiting in their descriptive capacity, especially since the band is on its second release. A Pale Horse Named Death is Sal Abruscato's band, so it's his musical fingerprint, and the band's sound and style is as distinct as his DNA. While it is true that Abruscato co-founded Brooklyn's black-humored doom legends Type O and that he manned the kit for LoA during their watershed albums River Runs Red, Ugly and more, A Pale Horse Named Death is his brain trust. He sings and writes the songs, and stepped out from behind the drumset to play guitar. His main partner in the band is Matt Brown, a fellow Brooklynite, who is also a seasoned studio vet - a producer and engineer who has worked with many major artists while working for Lou Reed. On the surface, A Pale Horse Named Death are impressive. But you'll want to dig deeper and immerse yourself in all the sonic and lyrical layers, because the band isn't afraid to plume the depths of darkness that humanity is capable of. It's murky stuff, but someone has to do it. Abruscato has described his and Brown's working relationship as "the murdering evil version of John Lennon and Paul McCartney." The two have found a musical kinship, one caked in doom, slathered in sludge and which will make the baby fine hairs on your neck stand on end. The music they make holds an eerie chill and it will haunt your dreams. Or nightmares, for that matter. Lucky for Abruscato and Brown, that's just how metalheads like it.

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