Mob Rules - Ethnolution A.D.

Release date: 20.10.2006

Ethnolution A.D. confirms that melodic metal does not necessarily have to consist of musical or thematic clichés and predictabilities. The predecessor album, Among The Gods, already saw Mob Rules tackle controversial subjects, rail against the reckless destruction of the environment and the dubious role of the Church. In 2006, the sextet continue to consolidate their special position on the German metal scene, combining traditional styles with surprising arrangements, mixing their sound with progressive elements, always leaving enough space for symphonic passages. On the final track, ‘Better Morning’, Mob Rules cooperated with the composer/arranger Chris Wolff, a band member with Rage in the late Nineties. “It was an interesting experiment to have a song structure that had only been rudimentarily prepared by us developed by somebody who has conceived an exceptional offering such as ‘Lingua Mortis’,” Dirks enthuses about the renowned support. But also ‘Ain’t The One’, driven by oriental sounds, or the anthem ‘With Sparrows’, featuring a wonderful gospel choir, document the wide range of the song material. Typical Mob Rules tracks such as ‘River Of Pain’ or ‘Day And A Lifetime’ round off a recording that is more than likely to set the benchmark.

01. Prologue
02. Unholy War
03. Ashes To Ashes
04. Fuel To The Fire
05. Veil Of Death
06. The Last Farewell
07. Day And A Lifetime
08. River Of Pain
09. Ain`t The One
10. New Horizon
11. With Sparrows
12. Better Morning

Pressing Information

- standard CD in jewel case

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