Rage - Resurrection Day (LP + Shirt "Snake" Bundle)

Release date: 17.09.2021

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2LP "Resurrection Day" + T-Shirt "Snake", printed on Gildan Softstyle.

Rage have recorded twelve new songs covering a stylistic range that could hardly be more characteristic of the band, from raw thrash metal tracks like ´Virginity` (also the first video), ´The Age Of Reason` and ´Extinction Overkill` through midtempo pieces such as ´Arrogance And Ignorance` and ´Monetary Gods` to the straightforward ballad ´Black Room` which balances things out. “Rage fans get exactly what they want on Resurrection Day, plus a surprise or two,” promises Peavy, mentioning in particular ´Travelling Through Time`, a number that explores the extremes between bludgeoning “shoot-em up grooves” (quote Peavy) and epic moments. “The song is inspired by Renaissance composer Giorgio Mainerio,” he explains. “There`s a piece by Mainerio called ´Schiarazula Marazula`, with a wonderful theme that I often play at home on acoustic guitar. Jean and I have adapted it to suit the Rage format and given the song a different rhythmic perspective, which has added intensity. We’ve never done a number like ´Travelling Through Time` before.”

2LP Gatefold Version
Side 1
1. Memento Vitae (Overture) 1:14
2. Resurrection Day 4:18
3. Virginity 3:41

Side 2
1. A New Land 3:49
2. Arrogance And Ignorance 5:00
3. Man In Chains 4:36

Side 1
1. The Age Of Reason 4:22
2. Monetary Gods 3:54
3. Mind Control 4:14

Side 2
1. Traveling Through Time 4:13
2. Black Room 4:49
3. Extinction Overkill 5:52

Pressing Information

- 2LP + Shirt in M, L, XL or XXL

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